PRODUCT Heat source, heat pump·plate type

Heat source, heat pump·plate type

Heat Pump

Heat source, heat pump·plate type

  • • This heat pump is a boiler typed heat pump machine. (The water discharge temperature can be raised to 60 ℃ or higher.)
  • The heat exchanger is made of a plate heat exchanger, composed in a compact style.
  • Since the body is corrosion-resistant, there is no need to worry about corrosion.
  • Since it is designed to ensure that the flow rate of the heat exchanger flows as quickly and uniformly as possible, a. heat exchange efficiency is excellent.
  • A PLC control panel attached makes it possible to find out the error status of the machine right away so rapid measures can be taken.

Product Specifications

Item SMK - 700Y
Performance Heating ability W 71.922
USRT 20.45
COP W /W 4.98
Cooling capacity W 53.352
USRT 15.17
COP W / W 3.19
Power consumption (heating) kW 14.436
Power consumption (heating) kW 16.722
Power 3*380V*60Hz
Dimensions Length mm 1900
Height mm 1950
Width mm 1200
Compressor Type * Number Scroll * 2EA
Refrigerant Kinds R-22
Plate heat exchanger (Condenser)
Plate heat exchanger (Evaporator)
Type Plate heat exchanger
Cyclic quantity L/S 4.17
Pipe (IN/OUT) A 40A
Weight (weight) kg 700