PRODUCT Double - tube type

Double - tube type

Heat Pump

Double - tube type

  • The double tube type is semi-permanent corrosion resistant when used in the inner pipe, compared to other metals. Metal ions that affect the survival of fish and shellfish are not dissolved in seawater, so it is suitable as a fish tank.
  • A pin effect improves a heat transfer area on the side of refrigerant and it can exert 5 ~ 10 times of higher performance than a universal titanium coil-typed heat exchanger by the uniformity of the refrigerant flow in the circumferential direction of the tube.
  • Possible to make the most of the free space of the refrigeration system, compared to a conventional shell type, tube type, and water tank type heat exchangers.
  • Resistant to vibration and impacts, compared to general heat exchangers (PVC).
  • Since the inner tube is fixed, it is possible to bend in a small diameter and to produce in various shapes according to the space.

Product Specifications

Item SMK-700D
Performance Heating ability W 181,213
USRT 51.88
COP W / W 5.45
Cooling capacity W 167,765
COP W / W 3.93
Power consumption (cooling/heating) KW 33.25 / 42.69
Power φ3*380V*60Hz
Dimensions Length mm 3100
Height mm 1775
Width mm 1550
Compressor RT 19.41
Refrigerant Type * Number Screw * 1units
Maneuver way △/ △
Capacity control % 25~100%
Refrigerant Kinds R-22
Double tube type(Condenser)
Double tube type(Evaporator)
Type Double tube type(titanium)
Cyclic quantity lpm 499
Pipe (IN/OUT) A 100A
Control (control) Temperature Control Electronic expansion valve
Weight (weight) kg 2,300
Conditions Heating Heat source Temperature : 15˚C, Load Temperature : 15˚C
Cooling Heat source Temperature : 25˚C, Load Temperature : 25˚C