PRODUCT Submersible Pump

Submersible Pump

Third-generation submersible pump

1 Motor / pump, separate structure
Unlike conventional underwater pumps, the submersible pump is very convenient for maintenance because you can separate a motor only.
2 Advanced motor cooling system with a double jacket
Since the cooling water for cooling the motor is circulated without being leaked to the outside, there is no rusting, which thus maximizes a motor cooling effect. The dual jacket structure composed of internal / external sides maximizes a circulation effect inside the cooling water to ensure a perfect cooling effect for the submersible pump to be used without difficulty in exposure driving.
3 High efficiency motor
An IE2 grade - high efficiency motor has been adopted, minimizing energy consumption and contributing to the green economy.
4 Various sensors
A built-in motor winding temperature sensing and mechanical seal leak detection sensor protects the motor. The installation of a bearing temperature sensor depends on order.
5 Cartridge - typed mechanical seal
A cartridge - typed mechanical seal has been installed first in Korea so it is easy to assemble and to maintain, guaranteeing excellent durability.
6 Leakage prevention flange jointed
A flange jointed in a unique method completely blocks piping leaks.
7 Cable inlet in a double water proof structure
The specially designed triple-crimped cable inlet blocks the possibility of water leakage.
8 Water leak-proof terminal board
The special terminal board for submersible motors in unique design protects the motor from the penetration of capillary phenomenon due to cable sheath breakage.
9 Heavy duty bearing
One step higher double row thrust ball bearing guarantees100,000 hours (B-10) of life.
10 Monitoring window
It has a monitoring window to easily detect the water leakage of the mechanical seal chamber so lubrication oil can be easily replaced.
11 Nonclog (impeller) impeller
The newly designed 2 to 3 vanes of high-efficiency impeller pumps 75mm solids without being clogged, boasting trouble –free driving and an excellent system efficiency.
Cartridge-type mechanical seal installed first in Korea
- Quick and convenient maintenance :

A plug-in type cartridge mechanical seal used makes it very convenient to install and remove and prevents the possibility of breakage of the seal surface due to careless handling.

- Various sizes :

Five standardized cartridge seals (S-25, S-35, S-45, S-60 and S-80) are applicable to all kinds of motor pumps up to 132kw.

- Trouble-free driving :

Since the double jacket constituting the cooling circuit is installed, it guarantees the circulation of the cooling water to the maximum and makes it possible to use without any trouble in an exposed driving condition.

- Efficient circulation of cooling water :

In the cartridge seal, a small impeller for cooling water circulation is installed, allowing cooling water to be forced to circulate and guaranteeing a complete and efficient cooling effect through the separation of the cooling water flow path using Viton O- rings.

Non-clog (impeller) impeller
- Capacity of handling 75mm solids :

A semi-open type impeller with two or three wings is capable of handling the international standard 75 mm (3 ") solids, so the impeller can be operated without clogged in any case. It is possible to operate it stably without pumping phenomenon stopping because the impeller removes the clogging phenomenon of the pump inlet by solids. The H-pump maximizes the efficiency of the pumping system and minimizes energy costs due to continuous operation without clogged.

- High efficiency design using CFD :

The H-Pump can pump even 75 mm solids without clogged in an optimized design using CFD software and can achieve much better efficiency than other impellers

Unique designed flange assembly structure
- Automatic detachment system :

The ACS system (automatic detachment system) automatically connects the elbow installed on the floor without using ancillary accessories for connection, such as bolts, nuts, etc. It is not necessary to enter the tank to separate the pump, very convenient.

- Special designed flange seals :

In the H-pump, specially designed seals are built-in to prevent water leakage of flange joints. So water leakage is prevented, which may occur when pumping. Because there is no water leakage, the H-pump guarantees a 13% ~ 15% better system efficiency, compared to pumps with small amounts of water leaks.

- Simple structure, perfect leakage prevention effect :

The leak-proof seal moves back and forth depending on the operation of the pump, ensuring full leakage protection. During pump operation, it moves forward by the pressure of the fluid, ensuring full leakage protection. When the pump stops, it moves backward due to backflow and prevents seals from escaping.

Safety devised tank for preventing water leakage
- Leak-proof terminal board :

Even if there is a problem with the triple-crimped cable inlet, the specially designed customized submer sible pump terminal board acts as a safety device for water leakage from the top of the motor. It has a double blocking function to prevent water from penetrating into the motor.

- Water leakage detection sensor :

The water leak sensor installed in the mechanical seal chamber area detects water leak from the bottom of the motor. The moisture detecting sensor installed on the top of the terminal board protects the motor by detecting water leak through the cable inlet.

Standard Specifications

Flux Flyweight 100~1,000usgpm (0.5~4.0 m³/min)
Lightweight 300~3,000usgpm (1.0~10.0 m³/min)
Middleweight 1,000~5,500usgpm (4.0~20.0 m³/min)
Heavyweight 1,700~7,000usgpm (6.0~26.0 m³/min)
Total lift Flyweight 10~65fit (3~20m)
Lightweight 10~130fit (3~40m)
Middleweight 30~115fit (10~35m)
Heavyweight 30~200fit (10~60m)
Fluid temperature 30~104˚F (0~40˚C)
PH of fluid 5.5~14
Maximum fluid density 1,100kg/m³
Maximum depth 164fit(50m)
Motor Insulation grade F type, High efficiency motor(IE2), Winding temperature detection, Seal built-in water leak detector, Bearing temperature sensor:Option
Mechanical seal Dual serial array or cartridge type
Impeller Semi open type, 75mm solids treatment, High-efficiency impeller
Cable PNCT Cable, Length:8~10m

Installation Type

  • GR Installation

  • FS Installation

  • DV Installation

  • DH Installation

Auxiliary device

  • Sensors

  • Monitoring Unit

  • Auto Flush Valve

  • Fish Lift