PRODUCT Refrigerating and Freezing Warehouses

Refrigerating and Freezing Warehouses

  • ①   Wall panels
  • ②   Control BOX
  • ③   Ceiling panels
  • ④   Drains
  • ⑤   Corner panels
  • ⑥   Floor mats
  • ⑦   DOOR
  • ⑧   Light switches

Product specifications

Segment Name Refrigerator (Type A) Refrigerator (Type B)
Panel material Surface material S.M.P COATED STEEL, STAINLESS STELL(SUS) 0.5 m/m
Insulator Injection rigid polyurethane (50~150 m/m)
Panel competition section P.V.C SASH (50,75,100,125,150 m/m)
Door FASTNER Yellow bronze special casting - NiTe plate
PACKING Supernatant vinyl chloride
Internal light AC 200V
Parts Pressure regulating valve None Square (AC 220V 36W)
Thermometer -40 ~ +40˚C
Ceiling reinforcement material Aluminum H-shape materials
Pallet Wood (moisture-resistant dough grass) and PVC